5 Top Dog Aggression Tips

An aggressive dog is a scary dog and in almost all households, one will not do it. You can not allow your dog to control your home when you should be responsible for the active pack. 

So, as soon as you see the signs of aggressive behavior, use some tips here to cut it immediately. 

1. Take the Alpha Position – Not always, but much of the time, aggressive behavior of a dog is an attempt to take control of the household, defying you for the Alpha leadership. Even if your dog challenges you, having a clear pack order can make it a lot easier for you two.

2. Separate problem dogs – If you have more than one dog or if your dog has a problem with this food dish, delete the dog's problem. Two dogs fighting on food should be nourished in separate rooms. 

3. Formation of obedience – In the same direction as your alpha position, it may be wise to send your dog to obedience to obedience where they will learn to follow specific orders and to respect your authority.

4. Medical check-up – It is unlikely, but sometimes a problem of aggression can be linked to the health of a dog. If your dog is sick or simply does not get the nutrients he needs from his food, you should consider taking it to the veterinarian to exclude any potential disease.

5. Many exercises and good foods – complete all the work you do with your dog well exercised and supplied with good food. If your dog is eating the cheapest brand of dog food, it may not cause aggression, but a lack of nutrients can exacerbate it.