All About Cigars And Their Manufacturing

The practice of manufacturing cigars is very long. It begins with the tobacco crop and does not finish until the final cigar is fed to the wrap machine. Harvested cigar leaves are sorted according to colour, durability, texture, dimensions, and resiliency.

After selecting the quality cigar leaves, the manufacturing process starts in the cigar factory. You can also experience the whole cigar manufacturing process in Tampa. If you are looking for more information about the Tampa cigar factory click here now .

cigar factory

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The leaves are then split into classes designated as filler, binder, and wrapper tobacco. Following the tobacco was processed, a mix, that is a particular mix of leaves, is ready. The mix is then shaped into a group of tobacco. The leaves have to be put out uniformly.

The group is then tightly wrapped together with the binder, providing the cigar its fundamental structure. The bound crowd is put in a wooden mould to give it shape. After pressing, the cigars are ready for hand rolling.

The pliers stretch the nice, silky wrapper and circle it around the molded cigar . The stretching procedure provides the cigars their glossy, finished appearance. The final cigars pass via a set of inspections. They are subsequently separated into packages of approximately 50 cigars and are tagged in accordance with the following:

  • Dimensions
  • Name of this cigar manufacturer
  • Date

The packages of cigars are then weighed..  After passing the rigorous weighing process, the cigars are independently inspected.