Apple Mirror: Reflects A Working iPhone-style Touchscreen

The concept of a smart mirror is not new – you can also find instructions for building your Raspberry Pi-powered magic mirror. At first blush, it looks like a regular mirror with black bezel. When it comes to innovating in the smart home, Apple has been slower than its competitors.

It reflects its surroundings quietly on the wall. Touch it and arises to reveal a collection of applications including Uber, Netflix, and smart-home controls. You can also know more about apple’s smart mirror display online.

apple smart display

Image Source: Google

Apple Mirror features date and time in the top right corner and a weather forecast in the top left. Beneath these are several working iOS app icons, which can be rearranged by dragging with the finger.

A tap opens apps in a familiar way, in a window mode, although it allows for easy multitasking. The Apple iPhone has an advanced 2-megapixel camera that is capable of taking very good quality photos and also provides the function of shooting video. 

Going online with the iPhone is a real dream as you can expect fast and uninterrupted internet access. The most impressive features of the Apple iPhone are advanced built-in sensors that include accelerometers, ambient light sensors, and a proximity sensor that simultaneously increases the user experience and battery life automatically.