Benefits Of Prefabricated Timber Wall Frames In Sydney

Prefabricated timber wall frames offer many benefits associated with timber roof trusses. Furthermore, a combination of timber frame and lightweight cladding can deliver further benefits including reduced costs, improved energy efficiency and a greater contribution to sustainability.

Prefabricated timber wall frames are manufactured off-site in a factory environment using state of the art software and manufacturing equipment, and are delivered to site ready to install with clear installation instructions.

The reduced on-site erection times lead to significantly reduced labor costs. Prefab frames can also reduce the effect of wet weather delays.

Frames are individually detailed and engineered which optimizes the timber components to suit the design loads applied to them.

Manufacturing of frames optimizes timber stock, leading to minimization of timber waste versus the on-site stick-built alternative.

Timber is a material that all builders are familiar with and comfortable using. This provides for flexibility on-site when foundation errors exist or last-minute changes are required.

Many builders in Australia are moving towards the construction method of timber frames with cladding, as a result of increased pressure for faster and more affordable building methods.

Using heavyweight materials in set-back upper story construction usually means using more structural steel than if the upper wall was built using lightweight materials that's why we use prefab timber frame.