Binge Eating Disorder – What Is It And What Are Its Symptoms?

Binge Eating disease or BED is an eating disorder where a man who's having this dilemma is not able to quit eating food that's unnecessary. BED is the most frequent eating disorder in men and women. 

This illness is also called overeating since it entails the intake of a great deal of food and does not have any control over eating unless or until feels full.

Based on polls about 30 million people are afflicted by eating disorders. In the US, only 2.8 percent of adults are struggling with this dilemma. This is only one of the chief reasons which make us obese. There are many treatments available for binge eating disorder that you can choose from in order to cure this disease.

Girls tend to be affected by this disease than men. At the time of 18-20, it's most likely to get this overheating issue.

It's distinguished under emotional illness because the brain does not believe this is incorrect and motivates us to take an inordinate quantity of food that it may cause more eating disorders like Bulimia Nervosa.

Common symptoms of binge eating disorder:

  • Out of control ingestion of food at one sitting on a regular basis
  • Eating a large quantity of food without appetite
  • Eating quickly with abnormal eating behavior
  • Avoidance of social situations, especially those where foods are included
  • Stress and depression