Brief Introduction of Glass Floor

Glass floor panels can be used to add a contemporary and sleek look for domestic and commercial properties. One popular option is to use clear pieces of glass so you can display the items in your floor space. 

It can be strictly ornamental or decorative objects as well as private collections. Glass raised access floor (Also known as “ พื้นยกแก้ว “ in the Thai Language) panels can also be installed to take advantage of the view or let the light flow through your home or office space. 

It is a popular choice for the top floor or basements for enhancing the quality of light. Another method is to install an external panel to serve as a skylight.

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There are various ways to install glass floor panels but usually, steel – typically mild steel – frame is put in before the protective layer of rubber is installed.

A toughened piece of glass, often laminated with PVC interlayer, which rests upon. The thickness and durability of glass depending on traffic it will need to withstand. Obviously, the more people walking on the panel, the more difficult it needs to be.

With glass floor panels from BSP Floors, you are guaranteed to receive a high-quality precision glass that can be finished in a variety of ways.