Can We Use Gas Wall Heaters As a Cost-effective Alternative?

In general, gas wall heaters run faster, save more energy, and allow you to better manage your electricity bill because they generate heat more efficiently and quickly.

In terms of energy efficiency and costs, unless you get electricity from renewable sources, for example, maintaining an electric heating system can actually use more fossil fuels and become more expensive in the long run.

The estimated efficiency of a power plant that uses fossil fuels to generate electricity is generally only 30% to 35% without loss of energy transmission. Compare this to 85% to 99% efficiency for gas heating. 

With high electricity costs, electric heating systems can actually be more expensive to maintain if net heat conversion is taken into account. You can look for the best gas wall furnaces in Melbourne via

There are two types of gas heaters on the market:-

Non-vented gas heaters:- It does not release air outside the house, nor does oxygen – the main component of combustion – need not be pulled from outside the house. Instead, the oxygen needed to ignite the combustion process is taken from the room where the unit is located and the heat generated is generated back into the room.

Ventilated gas heater:- It gets oxygen from outside the house and the resulting carbon monoxide is exhausted through the exhaust pipe. Due to this type of configuration, ventilated models are not as efficient as compared to gas wall heaters without air due to heat loss.