Deciding Which Consulting Firm is Right for You

Deciding which company offers the best consulting work situation and growth opportunities may be difficult. Consultants come in many forms – there are four large, a top consultant, boutiques, e-consultancy. When determining the consulting firm that is right for you, you should make the following considerations:

Reputation – The company's reputation may have an impact on how well you felt if you decide to leave the company for industry employment (or other consultations). Be sure to check out the newspaper articles, press releases, and opinion when applying the company's industry. You can navigate for acquiring more knowledge about business consulting firms.

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Size – Size is important to consider for several reasons. First, choose a small company means you will probably know people who work with you. If the consultation is small, but growing, there may be a good opportunity for advancement within the company.

Company size affects the type of training you receive. A large company like McKinsey operates on the model of apprenticeship. Bain also offers matched with a mentor.

Training – How many training companies provide? Do you get paid for training? What sort of training will you receive?

Each company has a different way of doing things. At McKinsey, consulting readiness basic course is provided, the consultant can experience through their Mini-MBA program, and workshops on leadership held.  

Different companies will have you performing different tasks. Some companies will have you fill in as an association if you have an MBA but no real world experience. Talking with others in the same position. Find out what will be expected of you in the companies.