Dental services with important technology reserves

The question that arises in everyone’s mind is that, is the wisdom teeth removal important? The answer to this question is yes. Especially because of overcrowding without room to grow, wisdom teeth can cause several problems. Cheek boils can be the result. Impaction can occur due to blockage of wisdom teeth by teeth or other bones.

The consequence is gum problems such as pain and infection and decay of adjacent teeth. It is always advised to visit your family dentistry clinic. The term Pericoronitis refers to gum infections which may result in intense pain that recurs every few months. Eating and drinking is difficult.

Although cleansing and antibiotics control the symptoms, they are temporary and their removal is the solution. The decay of trapped food particles, cysts, and bad breath is a problem associated with wisdom teeth. The main solution is the extraction of wisdom teeth.

Have a look at some crucial technology backups for dental services:

Kavo Ergocam Intraoral Camera communication software provides excellent dental and gum images for patients to discuss.

Compared to traditional ancient X-rays, the digital radiographs used here have high-quality images and can be accessed by patients on a computer screen.

Root canal treatment uses ProTaper's advanced technology for cleaning and forming.

The sterilization procedure is to prevent infection using the most sophisticated MELAG autoclave and infection control protocols in accordance with hospital level standards.

The first consultation regarding wisdom teeth uses an OPG or CBCT scan to decide whether extraction is needed.