Different Types Of Heartburn

Heartburn is a familiar problem that is formed by acid reflux which is a state where few of the stomach elements are strained to be backed up into the esophagus. It generates a smoldering ache in the lower part of the chest.

Before moving ahead towards finding the remedies for heartburn, it is recommended you to from the Stomachcancerclaim therapists to be aware of the different categories of heartburn from which you are suffering. Some of them are enlisted by them, have a look at them.


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Summer Heartburn:

Summer is the time when people tend to enjoy the mouth-watering fries made from sweet potato and is gives the increment of the heartburn. Most heated food united with fatty foods can put together you into at the risk to attack of heartburn.

Pregnancy Heartburn:

Pregnancy also brings lots of health-related problems to the women, heartburn is one of them. But the good thing is that after the born of a baby the problem of heartburn will go soon.

Night Time Heartburn:

One of the most horrible and throbbing forms of heartburn attack is night time stomach ache. On the other hand, the day time heartburns can be cured by taking the rest and medicines but at night time people have to deal with the more pain and discomfort.

Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD):

There are a lot of people who are familiar with the GERD disease, which is an additional type of heartburn. The only dissimilarity between this and others is that it is more solemn and hurting.