Dont’s After A Road Traffic Accident

There are some don’ts after road traffic accidents; these are mentioned below:


Road Traffic Accidentally do not admit liability to the Road Traffic Accident straight after the incident – you will most likely be extremely shaken and not be able to assess the situation as it happened to the required detail. For more information about road traffic, you can easily hire traffic engineering advisers.

Injuries sustained:

If asked whether or not you are injured by anyone (especially if they are of an official capacity such as a Medic or Police Officer who may record your response) and are not sure, then say you 'don't know' and that you will see your doctor when you can – the reason for this is that you could have suffered soft tissue damage which will only become apparent several hours after the incident.

Falsifying Information:

It does not pay to make either false or exaggerated claims – most times you will be found out and then could be made to pay for wasting valuable times of the officials involved.

The Loss Adjuster:

He/she will be representing the Insurance company more than you! Be wary and do not make declarations of any sort straight after the Road Traffic Accident as their job is primarily to minimize payouts as much as possible.

Accident Management Claims Companies:

If they attend the scene or the hospital, then they are salespeople more interested in the financial gains as a result of representing you – do not be rushed into assigning representation as it is important to distinguish the bad companies from the good. Be sure of who handles your claim.