Eco Fashion – The Ultimate Guilt-Free Shopping

Eco-fashion is the latest buzzword on the lips of everyone. Consumers who have a conscience want to buy it and fashion labels want to take some of its marketing potentials. So what is really green fashion? And how does it help the environment?

Eco-fashion is a term that can be used to describe the clothes that are made in a sustainable manner that minimizes environmental impact. You can see the best reviews of fashion from EcoPruner as they give a detailed analysis of brands, lifestyle and more. Some of the main ways that fashion and clothing can have an impact on the environment are:

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Pesticides used in the cultivation of natural fibers – Cotton production uses large amounts of chemical pesticides that have a series of environmental impacts, including risks to the health of those living nearby.

Chemical pollution/by textile manufacturing goods – Textile mills chemicals can enter the water ecosystems and damage the flora and fauna and pose a risk to humans.

Synthetic Textile waste does not degrade organic and serves a vital disposal problem. Even original textiles generate carbon dioxide as they decompose.

The usage of fossil combustibles and the generation of carbon dioxide – The entire manufacturing and distributing textile use of fossil fuels and produce carbon dioxide. 

There are many eco-fashion initiatives and labels which help minimize some or all of these effects on the environment. They include natural organic fabrics such as cotton, bamboo, hemp and soy, durable materials, fabrics made from recycled materials and recycling and restyling of second-hand clothing. You can find almost everything that eco-fashion garments you want including trainers organic cotton and recycled jewelry