Fascia Mounted Stainless Steel Railing

Fascia mounted glass and cable railing systems are excellent for outdoor decks. The glass and cable choices permit you to keep an uninhibited view due to their barely-there look.

The best fascia installation  option lets you maximize the square footage onto the deck since the pole is mounted on the face of the deck instead of the surface. This is ideal for smaller balconies and decks.

Employing fascia mounting design articles is also an excellent option for floor mounting articles when the decking surface isn't right to mount to or won't support the loading of their articles. The face mount plates also increase the minimal profile facade.

The square foundations on the fascia poles are extremely minimum and will mount to a tiny place. Particular care ought to be taken before installation or in order to make certain your deck enables fascia article mounting. Additionally, measure carefully to guarantee the articles won't intersect the nosing of the deck.

With side or fascia mount posts there's not any concern for what's beneath the deck or depth of the deck surface because the poles will be mounted across the side of the decking that almost always considerably thinner.

When installing the fascia articles it's best to through-bolt the foundation plate with big lag bolts and nuts when at all possible. Otherwise, big lag screws will adapt.

Fascia posts could be mounted into just about any surface. Wood, brick, concrete and several more. You will find many lag bolt anchors available that will enable the articles to secure to virtually anything. This is a superb solution for houses or companies with concrete decks or patios.