Feral Cats: Reducing Your Property Value

Some people feel that pet overpopulation is a result of people who love and care about animals. However, as a homeowner, you should be concerned about the increasing population of feral cats, even if you are not a cat lover yourself.

Feral cats can drive down property values in several ways. Urine marking by unneutered male cat leaves a lingering smell that is very unpleasant. Cats like to deposit dirt soft ground, making gardens and sandboxes children at risk of disease transmission.

Feral cat trapping services can help you get over this problem.

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Feral cats are usually not vaccinated and because it is the first point of contact for the disease to infiltrate pets and people. The noise created by the fighting or mating cats annoying. Cats are highly efficient predators that can severely impact wild species.

In order to combat colonies of feral cats from impacting the value of your property, you must support mandatory spaying and neutering of pet shelters and encourage family and friends to not let their cats go unsprayed or unneutered. There are too many cats in shelters already – cats do not need to have a pet waste into satisfied.

Encouraging laws hold owners responsible for the behavior of their cat. More and more people are enacting legislation that allows for the free-roaming cat owners fined. Cats can be happy as pets indoors or as / controlled outdoor pets.

Encourage the humane trapping and euthanization as an alternative to poisonous bait in your community. In addition to being inhumane, toxic bait can be picked up by pets, children and wildlife.