Go Pink And Support Breast Cancer Survivors

Breast cancer affects one in eight women in the United States. In 2010 alone, a quarter of a million women were diagnosed with this type of cancer. Twenty-five percent of women will die.

But the grim statistics do not tell the whole story. There are many causes to be optimistic, and you can use various awareness stuff also. To get more information you can search for breast cancer awareness stuff via https://sprayboo.com/collections/breast-cancer-awareness.

That is why the time is October to promote the cause. Breast cancer awareness led to life again for friends and family, and that was worth supporting!

So how can you help with breast cancer awareness? How can you help save lives? The most important thing you can do is just to talk about breast cancer. Amazingly, many ladies still do not seek screening and thus do not get medication immediately. These women do have a survival rate lower.

What else can you do? Go pink! Today the pink and pink ribbons are universally associated with breast cancer. When you use a pin or a breast cancer pink ribbon charm bracelet or pink or whatever you choose, you remind people that there is hope.

You remind people that it's possible to save lives and that it is their responsibility to help save lives. You lead the way by taking responsibility for yourself: suggesting, requesting, pleading, and embarrassing others into following your lead.

You do not need to wear a pink ribbon every day to create awareness. A great way to create awareness is to put a pink ribbon directly on the things that you use every day, so you know it will always be there: You totes grocery, coffee cup, jogging hats and backpacks can all be "put on" red tape The young all the time.