Going To A Hair Salon

Everyone, not just women, needs to go to one at least once in their lives. There is a need for us to change our looks sometimes and sometimes, that need takes over. You think we are joking and making fun of it, are you? To tell you the truth, we used to really mock the people who do this who are not contented in their looks. But now that we are adults, we realize that this stems from the need to get away from something. There is a much deeper reason why some of us actually go to a hair salon in Northbrook.

When there is something that changes in our lives that shake us. Or when there is just that frustratingly feeling of being trapped into something, whether that would be your family, your job or a relationship or just in general, you would have the sudden urge to change yourself.

Maybe it was to prove someone or a bunch of someones that you are different or that you can be better. Some of us want to change ourselves to get rid of the feeling of still being the same brat that we used to be.

We cannot explain this in a much clearer detail but we know the feeling of wanting to change. We have experienced it and it was almost an animalistic urge. We were angry. We hated everything and the people around us. Said people treated us like crap and thought that we would never change.

o we wanted to prove them wrong. We would get better and make ourselves a lot more successful than they were. We were planning on becoming a lot better than anyone ever. That was the plan but that kind of planning would take years to happen.

And the urge to beat them was getting so high that it literally suffocated us. So we did the next best thing to get rid of that suffocating feeling. We changed our look. It did a lot for u, not just physically. It made us spiritually feel like we were finally away from that old self. That pathetic old self that could not amount to anything, as seen by how other people perceived us.

This is also to guarantee that if by some chance that our goal cannot be met, because we know the world by now to know that sometimes it craps on our plans, at least we tried. And the results are there right in front of their eyes.

Colored hair, shorter locks, added extensions, short fringes, anything can be done in a hair salon. These changes can either be good or badbut the fact remains that at least you were out of your shells. And if you somehow chose a look that makes you stand out, then at least you were thrown out of your comfort zone.

You could use the stares as practice for your confidence. It was also like a slap to the face of everyone, showing them that no one can control you and that you were the boss of yourself. And you showed them by doing whatever the hell you wanted to your hair because it was YOUR hair, goddammit.