Gold Dangle Drop Earrings

Dangle drop earrings on the other hand can hold their own against other dressy accessories. They come in a very wide range of styles and designs and different drop lengths ranging from a small drop to an extensive dangle length, any of which can be set with diamonds, pearls, opal or other gemstones. And it is this variety of choice which can make choosing the perfect pair of dangle earring styles so bewildering. You can also buy best stud earrings in Australia via

For example, ostentatious chandelier earrings, which have been very popular on Red Carpets around the globe of late, have made pearl and diamond chandeliers especially in white gold very popular. But their sheer size means they can sometimes be weighty, and the two combined means that some people can find them difficult to wear.

This is definitely not the case for gold hoop earrings which are often hollow to ensure that even the largest styles are comfortable to wear! The hoops themselves can be smaller or larger depending on your personal preference.

They can be simple, open hoops or they can be more elaborate with etched design details. And for an altogether more interesting look, why not consider a pair of twisted gold hoops?

The current trends for white metals make white gold hoop earrings a perfect choice. They are arguably the most versatile earrings around at the moment. Small white gold huggy style hoops look great with jeans, beachwear, even maternity wear and yet larger styles and twisted white hoops look amazing for more formal celebrations.