Guide For Vertical Wine Tasting

If you are excited to know about different versions of wine tasting, then you have come to the right place. In this article, we will discuss vertical wine tasting.

A vertical tasting is just experiencing the taste of various wines based on the vintage years. This is the best method of tasting if you are a beginner, allowing you to truly appreciate the unique tastes and aromas of the wines of different years. You can also navigate to this website to join the best wine tasting course online.

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Before we can proceed it is important that you understand the meaning of two important words, varietal and vintage. Varietal refers to the specific variety or the type of grape that is used to prepare the wine, while vintage refers to the year the grapes were harvested. 

Varietal tasting should be done with only one type of wine from different vintages. It is better to try the wines produced from the same producer as it will allow you to understand the unique tastes from different years.

Once you have decided the varietal and producer you can go to your local store and buy wines from different vintages. Before you begin the tasting you need to have a spittoon and a tasting card ready. A tasting card will be the place where you can jot down your observation and notes about the different wines. 

It is important that you grasp your wine glass from the stem as it allows you to observe the color of the wine in the bowl and also if you hold the bowl of the glass you will leave smudges which will make it difficult to truly observe the character and color of the wine. 

Now you are ready to begin tasting the wine. You need to splash the wine all around your mouth in order to truly appreciate the taste of the wine.