Hotel Amenities You Remember

Millions of travelers look forward to staying away from home and an important part of the enjoyment can be what hotel amenities are found in a room.

A lot of thought also goes into what items are put into a room by the hotel purchasing staff to ensure items meet their quests expectations. You can also get the best services in the hospitality industry by navigating to

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Hotel Amenities can encompass everything from personal care items to robes and slippers, coffee makers, ironing boards, and umbrellas.

Many people remember their vacations by association with a particular personal care product such as soap and shampoo that they bring home with them and want to use at home.

Most of the products are not found in retail stores. Happily, a lot of the hotel items can be found for sale, on the Internet.

Most of them are only available in small hospitality sizes, but these are wonderful for travel and very popular. A lot of companies only sell by the case, but if you search by a particular product, you may be able to find it in smaller "retail" quantities.

Hotel amenities are not just restricted to soap, shampoo, and lotion. Hotels may offer items such as vanity kits (cotton balls, swabs and emery board), sewing kits (pre-threaded or not), shower caps.

Luxury resorts may offer shoe shine sponges, shoe horns, lint removers, toothbrush, and toothpaste, even shave kits (razor and tube of shave cream).