How Roundup Ingredients Enter In Your Body?

Healthy human skin has tiny pores that allow sweat to escape but also absorb substances to maintain proper body temperature, etc.  The glyphosate in Roundup can enter the body through the pores on your skin and from openings such as the eyes or mouth. 

The chemicals in Roundup can also be unintentionally inhaled.  You can also swallow Roundup if you eat or smoke without thoroughly washing your hands after you use it.

Roundup is widely used by farmers on vegetables and other produce.  You may unknowingly ingest Roundup when eating food from your grocery store or supermarket. You can also look for Monsanto Roundup Lawsuits to know more about Monsanto roundup lawyers.

How to Stay Safe When Using Roundup?

When you apply any herbicide to your garden and yard, it’s important to stay safe. You don’t want Roundup directly on the skin, in your eyes or in your lungs. Here are a few tips on Roundup weed killer safety for you and your family.

Read the Label

Before you begin applying any chemicals to your yard and garden, read the label. It will tell you how to apply it and the amount of herbicide you should use.

Dress for the Job

Make sure you wear pants and a long-sleeved shirt while you’re opening the bottle, mixing the product, applying it and cleaning up your tools. Also, wear protective, waterproof gloves to prevent Roundup on skin.