How to Approach Your Content Marketing Strategy

While the term "content marketing" is always there, the growth and influence of exponential social media had put at the forefront of professional marketing minds, with respected figures like Seth Godin even heralded as the future of marketing. In essence, content marketing refers to the creation and distribution of content to attract and engage the target market that has been set – with, of course, the ultimate goal of increasing profits.

And the content comes in a variety of formats and media, including whitepapers, infomercials, videos and podcasts – in fact, even this article is content. But while the format of the content can vary, the fundamental approach is to marketing similar content in a different organization and company objectives. There are various companies like Impressona providing excellent content marketing across London to help businesses form their broader market worldwide.


For a content marketing approach, companies must first identify the problem they are trying to solve. Means that great content is focused on exploring the problems and challenges of the target market. It can refer to the existing problems, arising problems or just general information on the topic.

However, to put this in perspective, we have to recognize content that should not be a direct sales pitch and should not just be about what solutions you can offer. Instead, your content needs to close more than this. Ideally, it should provide useful information and insights to your target market.