How To Choose Livestock Record Keeping Software?

Livestock management software also referred to as the management of the farm or herd management software which is used to describe the software that helps in the management of livestock operations on the farm or ranch. 

Do you run a cattle ranch in the United States, a dairy farm in New Zealand or plantations in South America, there is specialized software tailored to your operation. This software allows easy primary producers to monitor their livestock ranch operations and save precious resources.

This software runs on desktop, PCs, and servers, and even extends to portable wireless handheld devices. It allows you to move freely about your farm while updating the information directly to the back end system. You can browse through the official website to get more information about the cattle farm management system.

You can designate livestock transfers, paddock grazing information, scan electronic ID (EID) for animals, and like-even without having to turn on your PC or write anything. And what's more, the device is designed for a rugged agricultural environment.

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When considering alternative software solutions, it is important to work out which features you need most. Examples of key features for livestock record keeping include:

  • Recording mating and conception
  • Management of calving birth records
  • Analyzing and tracking ancestry
  • Slaughter and carcass recording and analyzing
  • Semen and embryos supplies
  • Storing livestock purchases and sales
  • Full tracking of individuals and groups of animals (cattle/mass)
  • Electronic ID (EID, NLIS and animal tags) are integrated into the software
  • Artificial insemination (AI) and the portion of the group
  • Breed association integration
  • Weigh scale integration