How to Choose the Best Smartphone For You

The smartphone market is full of devices that try to outsmart each other via the attributes they supply.  Most apparatus manufacturers launch a brand new version of the flagship product each year, making it hard to pick the most out of the several choices. 

But as these smartphones are rather pricey, it's wise to conduct an entire research before settling back on a specific device. You can even buy online cell phones via

Below are a few of the parameters that ought to be regarded as the deciding factors while purchasing a smartphone:

A. Screen: The dimensions of the smartphone display isn't the sole criteria to be considered here. Even though a display size of 5 inch will provide you a massive screen, the drawback of this is that it would be tough to hold and run the device in 1 hand.  

On the other hand, another aspect to be considered here is that the screen resolution and the technologies used.  The top devices utilize the most recent Super LED or even IPS screen technology, while giving a complete high profile (HD) screen.

B. Processor and RAM: The rate of the chip determines how competent the cellular device is in managing many jobs at one time.  The most recent phones have double or quad core chips, which assist apparatus the running jobs in various processing units known as cores.  On the other hand, the system has to be optimized to have the ability to use all of the processor cores simultaneously. 

In the same way, the RAM decides the volatile memory the processor can use.  Thus, a high-speed chip would require an equally competent RAM so as to support multitasking.