How to Control Termites by Natural Methods

Termites are pests that are known to harm your garden if they get a chance to enter your yard. To get rid of this problem you have to use natural termite control methods. To know about natural and safe lawn care products you can visit online sources.

Natural Methods of Termite control 

If you don't want to use chemicals to remove the termites from your house you can also implement the following natural methods through termites that can be controlled in your houses.

1. Use the Wet cardboard: –If you are having corrugated boxes in the storage room or even in your garbage bin then your problem is solved by making the trap for the termites. You have to wet the cardboard and place it where you think termites will eat it. Once you notice termites are eating the cellulose immediately you have to remove the cardboard and burn it.

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2. See the magic of Sun:-

You will be amazed to know that termites can die if you directly expose them to sunlight. So whichever cabinets you doubt have the termite's living areas should be put under the sunlight. You can also put all your wooden furniture where termites are thought to settle down should be placed in the area where direct sunlight falls on them. 

To expose your colonies to the sun rays you have to remove the bushes, plants, and any items which might be an obstacle to the sun rays on the affected areas.

3. Incorporates Nematodes:-

You can sprinkle the nematodes on the areas where you think termites might be present as these love to eat termites and doing this naturally termites will be eradicated from your house. You can find these in the stores or buy them online as well.