How To Find The Right Private School For Your Child In Sacramento?

Making the decision to send your child to private school involves significant and deep consideration. Families choose a private school for a variety of reasons: for its philosophy, for the quality of education it offers, or sometimes for the religious education it provides.

However, once that decision is made, your work isn’t over. The biggest challenge is yet to come: choosing the private school in Sacramento that best suits your child.

What to Consider When Choosing a Private School:

  • The reputation of the school within the community
  • Goals for your child’s education
  • School’s level of rigor
  • Variety and quality of extracurricular activities
  • Level of support services offered
  • Impressions made on you during the school visit

Like any big decision with high stakes, the selection of a suitable private school can be time-consuming and stressful. Because of this, some parents/guardians turn to a consultant for assistance.

Before visiting schools, parents/guardians should consider what their goals are for their child’s education. Then, they can look for schools that are aligned with those goals.

Talking to other parents who have children at the school can be enlightening. Consider if you are comfortable with them, have similar values, and feel a connection.

You will always find some parents who are happy and others who are less so. That’s why talking to multiple parents is helpful as it provides a wider perspective. While schools will in all likelihood be happy to provide a list of references, finding parents/guardians on your own can lead to a more unbiased view.