How To Find Your Just Right Strings For Badminton

When you’re trying to find the perfect strings for badminton, you don’t want to just settle for anything. Make sure that your strings are long-lasting, durable, and provide enough tension for a good game! 

The two most important things that come with choosing a string for your badminton racket are durability and handling. You can get the best badminton strings from  Depending on the kind of player you are, you should choose a string made of either cloth or synthetic material. 

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To start off, players who want to improve their game will want to purchase synthetics strings, because they resist heat better than cloth and can withstand the tugs and pulls of vigorous play without breaking. For those that prefer to have a consistent feel without compromising on durability, plastic strings can be used by players who are looking for more comfort while playing. 

There are various types of badminton strings: nylon, and polyester. Nylon is the most common, but it is also the lightest string. It provides a bit more power than the other two types and is easier to maneuver on a badminton court. The drawback of this string is that it tends to snap at tension levels between 38 and 42 pounds. Polyester strings are durable while also providing slightly more power than multifilaments. 

The fabric on a badminton string can be made of natural or synthetic materials. If you want to play more often, a synthetic string will last longer and is less likely to break.