How to Grade Your Basement Waterproofing Company

Basement waterproofing is becoming increasingly popular, especially in the Pacific Northwest areas of the country, where high rainfall and groundwater saturation can cause major flood problems. Building new homes in these parts of the country almost inevitably involves installing foot drains and other waterproofing measures, and there are many companies that specialize in preventing water damage during the initial construction process. 

Contractors can also build waterproof basements of older homes, which may have been built without adequate protection against flooding and water damage when materials and practices were not as high-tech as they are today. To know more about best waterproofing companies, you may visit

Due to the large number of basement waterproofing companies you can choose from for both new construction and older homes, it can sometimes seem difficult to determine which company to go with. 

Different contractors can provide you with different plans, estimates, and suggestions, and the best way to waterproof a basement isn't necessarily a simple determination that can be made right away. Also, there is a small minority of companies that might be less honest about how much work is actually necessary or how much you should be charged to waterproof your basement.

The first test to determine if your basement waterproofing company is reputable and professional is the estimation process. If they try to charge you for a ride home to give you an estimate of work, that should immediately raise a red flag.

Almost all professional basement waterproofing companies will never charge an estimated fee, as that is considered part of the process that helps the client decide if they really want to go ahead with the project or not. A good and reliable basement waterproofing company will try to help the potential customer understand the process and make an informed decision before charging a penny.