How To Know It’s Time To Repair Lock?

If your key has stopped working to its full potential and you think it's no longer a safe key, it's time to get it fixed. It's easy to tell when your keys stop working the same way because you use them every day.

If the way it works has changed a little, you will surely notice. You can also look for the door lock repair services via

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Some locks need repair because they are exposed to strong external pressure while others need repair simply because they are worn and brittle for a long time of frequent use.

Some of these old locks are slow-moving or much more durable than usual, and this is a good sign to any homeowner that they need some kind of lock repair.

It takes our expert locksmith about 20 to 30 minutes to fix your lock. However, this time frame varies because each key repair is different from the next and there is no firm way of knowing how long it will take without knowing how badly the lock has been damaged or compromised.

This can be a simple fix, eg. adjust the impact plate, or it could be a little more complicated to replace the internal components of the lock. Whatever the case, our locksmiths are more than capable of helping you.

If they can't help you fix the key, they'll give you the advice you need and help you replace the key.