Judging The Quality Of Wooden Furniture From Its Finish

Good quality wood furniture always has a fantastic finish without a doubt. The finish procedures frequently have three stages: sanding, staining, and completing. If you fail any of this stage, it may change the general quality of the furniture.

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It's the very first and most significant step. If the initial step isn't done well, the stain and finish will probably acquire poor points, no matter how many efforts you place.

To check for this, see the end from different angles with light reflecting the surface. If you discovered any white dots, dark traces, discoloration, or stains, the furniture might have yet to be sanded smooth.


An excellent stain can improve the natural beauty of timber. To assess the quality of discoloration, assess the surface. For the great stain, the stain is equally applied and dark stains aren't seen. This does not matter much as long as you're feeling great about the furniture.


A top excellent finish is satiny smooth and free of tough spots, dust speckles, or bubbles. The trunk and the bottom should be taken under test as well, so it can lessen the odds of shrinking or swelling.