Learn How to Cook Authentic Thai Food

Thai cuisine is unique and the most famous among all Southeast Asian food. This is different from the neighboring Chinese and Indian cuisine with influences and very easily identified because it combines a fantastic blend of all five groups of taste: sweet, sour, bitter, salty and spicy. 

Thai food is of course well known for being very hot and spicy and many dishes using lots of fresh chilli. Over the years, Thailand has been using foreign influences and combined to create a world-famous cuisine.

If you want to join a basic Thai cooking course, visit The V School website.Today Thai cuisine continues to evolve, grow and change, pick up new influences and combine them with old and Thai food is now enjoyed in restaurants worldwide. 

As appreciation for this unique cuisine continues to grow, the food is a continuous exploration of global cooking techniques, materials and styles.

This is further fueled by modern foreign trade and immigration, with ingredients so easily available worldwide and the ability of people to work in the kitchen where they please, bring their skills with them throughout the world. 

Finally, with the Internet and the global dissemination of information, as well as the modern mass-tourism, the influence of foreign foods on Thai cuisine has never been so great.