Mayor’s Office

It has been an honor and privilege to serve as Mayor during a time in which this great City of ours has made great momentous progress in the delivery of our services to the citizens of El Cenizo. As a city, we have dared to examine our current practices, evaluate areas of improvement and make the necessary adjustments to affect positive change for the future of this organization and the City.

This has been a year of significant changes in the practices of many of our City’s Departments and great efficiencies in the delivery of our city services have been instituted. We’ve finally been able to modernize City Hall and bring useful technological resources to our fast growing city.

We have invested taxpayers funds to provide a better facility for programs and services offered to the public. Now, the El Cenizo City Hall relies on fast broadband internet services, computers for every department office and a modern communication system.

As we continue in our efforts to provide better infrastructure to El Cenizo, we’ve been able to secure almost 6 million dollars worth of local, state and federal funding. Thanks to the collaborative efforts of our staff and our grant writers at GrantsWorks, Inc. out of Austin. During these seven years of my administration.

We have seen the success of the street paving project, administered by Webb County, the construction of our first Fire Station, the construction of the El Cenizo Municipal Park, the creation of the El Cenizo Police Department, the El Cenizo Municipal Court, the installation of more than 150,000 linear feet of sidewalk, the construction of 6 new homes for our senior citizens, the opening of the Noe A.

Hernandez Community Safety Building and renovations to the El Cenizo City Hall.  Traffic control signing installation along with bus shelter rehabilitation has been another major accomplishment that resounds our commitment to you to ensure a safer community. 

I’m proud to announce that we have invested in an active volunteer force by providing city and federal funds to purchase a used fire truck and equipment to start off. This year we welcomed a 2012 Fire Brush Truck to assist our brave men and women volunteer firefighters in their mission to ensure the safety of our community. 

As we come to an end to this year, I can’t express my most sincere appreciation to the hard-working staff of the City Hall. Thanks to their hard work and dedication we’ve been able to have the events that have been made possible and have been able to keep up with all the proper administration techniques to better serve you. Ahead lies a lot of work for us but it is work that we can all be proud of.

I invite you all to come and join us make El Cenizo a better place for all. Remember that as public servants we are here for one purpose, and that is to work o the best of our ability to bring a better city for all of us to live in. May God continue to bless the Great City of El Cenizo and the good people that reside in it.