Methods To Protect Trade Secrets For Companies

Business secrets are the main intangible assets in creating initial value. The following steps must be taken to ensure that the treatment works smoothly:

1. Cooperation with third countries, e.g. Collaboration with development partners, producers, financing partners, and etc. must be done based on confidentiality agreements.

2. Third-party vendors, independent contractors, and employees must sign a confidentiality agreement, disclosure agreement, and restrictive agreement (in some cases).

3. Protect important and confidential documents and monitor authorized persons who have access to them. 

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4. The state of trade secrets must be reported regularly. Some were accidentally released during product launches and need to be fixed first. Inspections must be voluntary.

Some statements must be used for confidential information:

The decision to protect confidential information as business secrets, copyright files, and patent protection is made through identification, inventory, and evaluation.

How valuable trade secrets are important for your company?

Business value also increases with commercial value. Sometimes the value lies in the actual knowledge and information found. In other cases, the value is in the aggregate information about what is not working. What efforts cannot solve the problem? What is the value of this information? Our company does not need to waste resources and time to go this way again.

Create work security for trade secrets:

Create and use business processes that your employees can use to protect your valuable information in everyday life. Uncertainty can kill business secrets – your employees should not be confused when it comes to understanding what information is and is not a company's business secret.