Micro-Current Facial Toning

Micro-current facial toning is being talked about more and more every day, but why is it so popular? Well, the truth is that micro-current facial toning is a way to tighten the skin on your face providing a youthful and wrinkle-free look without having to have cosmetic surgery. With virtually no pain and immediate results, it is no wonder everyone wants to give it a try.

Micro-current facial toning involves using pain-free waveforms of alternating currents to stimulate targeted muscles in the face. By emitting these waves of low-intensity micro-currents to the muscles in the face, it helps to pump them up and fill in the gaps of the face that start to look hollow and saggy during the ageing process.

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This process will also loosen the muscles in the face that contract involuntarily. Micro-current facial toning can increase the elastin and collagen that has started breaking down inside the cells in the face. This will create a plumping and firming of the facial tissues.

As we age we start losing muscle tone in the face just like we do all over our bodies. The skin on our face is so thin that it shows the lack of muscles very easily causing emotion marks and wrinkles. People start to take on a weathered, gloomy, angry or even sad look as the skin starts to drop from lack of muscle tone.

Also, the muscles in the face that get used most often start to contract and our face starts to fall into emotions that we may not be trying to express. There are special areas of the face that have a tendency to show age quicker.