Nedap Electronic Sow Feeding System

With group housing with digital feeding stations, the animals roam freely and can exhibit their normal behavior. Nedap Electronic Sow Feeding helps one to combine a high level of care concerning animal welfare aspects by attaining your yields.

From the feeding channel, they could eat precisely the ideal amount at the ideal time, safely and easily. This saves your time and energy and you will utilize the feed more efficiently too. 

Additionally, it permits the sow complete freedom of motion. The feeding channel developed by Nedap and being used quite successfully by fantastic many pig farmers. The nedap electronic sow feeding supplies the greatest potential feeding alternative for every individual sow from the category.

electronic sow feeders

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The Nedap ESF provides automatic tracking and feeding of each individual sow in these classes. The Nedap electronic sow feeding system enables sows to be placed in static or dynamic groups together with the advantages of individual animal control.

Together with the Nedap electronic sow feeding system, sows are placed in groups and fed separately. When sows input individual feeding channels, Nedap applications read every sow's ration frequency identification ear tag.

An automatic feed hopper then dispenses the quantity of feed that the sow requires according to a ration entered into the computer by the plantation manager.

Nedap Electronic Sow Feeding: the advantages

-Improved Performance and effectiveness in operational direction.

-Calmer Groups

-More control, less attempt

-Individual feeding