Prevent Your Horse From Arthritis

Arthritis is more widespread in dressage and racing horses or those who have performance careers. The usual symptoms of arthritis would be swollen joints in animals, joint pain and stiffness, lack of movement around a joint.

Arthritis is one of the most common bone-related diseases that can affect horses, so you can use many supplements like natural pain relief for horses.

It is a type of degenerative disease that impairs mobility and causes inflammation of the joint. The pain from equine arthritis can render a horse unable to move without being uncomfortable.

Since arthritis is a progressive disease and only gets worse with time, it can completely ruin a horse's professional riding career. And that's not all – joint deterioration from arthritis can also cause deformities and in time, even serious disability.

Joints may also be warm to touch, with some difficulty in motion and pain after exercise or limping. The horse may also be constantly uncomfortable and show signs of changed demeanor. Equine arthritis develops due to deformation and deterioration of cartilage.

Cartilage is the tissue that surrounds a joint and acts as a kind of shock absorber for active motion. With wear and tear and intensive routines, this cartilage breaks down and starts to erode. Some areas of the bone may also start to deteriorate along with the cartilage, causing extreme pain and stiffness in movement.