Process Of Applying Enamel To Fused Glass Jewelry

Glass painting and decorating for fused glass jewelry can be done in various ways. The use of lead-free opaque and transparent enamel powder is one of the main techniques used today. You may make use of etched luminescent & iridescent round ornament patterns for this.

Colors can be mixed, which means the palette of colors is available primarily. They are not the enamel in the normal sense but finely ground glass particles that have a low melting point, which once implemented fired in a kiln to fuse glass enamel fused to the jewelry.


Care must be taken when handling the glass enamel to ensure that the particles are not inhaled because it can lead to a lung disease that seriously. Respirator masks and good ventilation are strongly recommended when handling the powder.

Dry enamel powder is applied by placing the powder in a small sieve and then sort the glass or by applying it with a brush. Stencils or tape can be used to mask off the field glass. A texturing tool can be used to generate patterns in enamel.

Sorting objects held more powder on the glass can produce an interesting pattern. Both comb and a fine mesh are some items that can be used.

A number of firings may be required to produce a layer of a different color and to ensure correct color.

Enamel powder can be applied wet mixing using media painting either water or oil-based. Water-based media easier to clean; what is important is that the media does not leave behind any residue after firing.