Skydiving School – The Choice Is Yours

There are three basic methods to this challenging and exciting sport. While each training method has its own attractions, the choice of learning program comes down to a personal decision. People who are willing to take on a challenge from the start may opt for the learning method called accelerated freefall. You can also choose best skydive center in Thailand via

This program puts the individual right in the middle of all the excitement, almost from the start. Each learning method presented at skydiving school is an experience of a different sort. In a sense, these separate methods can be viewed as different ways to travel into and through the drop zone.

This program is very popular with newcomers, because it provides the thrills of skydiving while keeping control of the jump in the hands of an experienced instructor. While harnessed to this skydiving pro, the student or recreational skydiver feels the excitement of freefalling but does not have the anxiety of opening the chute or controlling the body while in the air.

Usually, the first tandem jump is simply a fun jump intended to introduce the newcomer to the sport. Ground instruction is kept to a minimum, with details and expectations increasing as the student gets deeper into the skydiving process.

With this method, also popular with those who want to leave some control in the hands of the school/instructor, the skydiver's parachute opens almost immediately because the cord is secured to the static line in the aircraft. This skydiving school method more closely resembles parachuting than skydiving.

The quick route to freefalling solo is accelerated freefall. Usually, two instructors jump with the student for three jumps. Any problems with opening the parachute after a short freefall are addressed by the instructor, who physically helps the student get the chute open.