The Best Material for Men’s Shirts

According to research, man spends up to twelve hours a day on his shirt. While it may seem like a lot of hours, it might be true for many men when you add hours spent traveling to and from work, hours in the office and meetings after hours.

For this reason, it is very important when choosing a men's shirt, to be as comfortable as possible. An important factor in determining how comfortable a shirt will be worn is the material of the shirt made.

There are various kinds of materials to choose from, ranging from a mixture of polyester or cotton-polyester to silk and linen. If you are looking for Texas clothing stores then you can browse

If the shirt is worn every day at the office, it is important to make shirts from material that is easy to wash and care for, and also that does not easily show sweat stains. The best choice is wrinkle resistant, which will be a mixed cotton/polyester shirt.

This is usually an 80/20 or 60/40 mixture. They can be machine washed and can be dried in a clothes dryer. If you are not sure, the washing and drying instructions must be included on the label.

Some men prefer 100% cotton shirts. These are often easily tangled and are not always the easiest clothes for ironing. However, they have the advantage of being very cool to wear because they allow the skin to breathe well.

The fabric itself is also available in various kinds of weaving, regardless of whether it's a 100% cotton shirt or cotton. Popular weavings are Oxford, Cotton Twill, Poplin, and Broadcloth.