The Common Sources Of Emotional Trauma In Today’s World

Studies have shown that 30-60% of primary care physician visits are related to trauma. Physical symptoms that represent various body systems medical encourage people to visit again and again. Because their disease is brought under control, but they have little if any assistance. 

Adding insult to injury, this category of processing the trauma disrupts memory. That's why so many people do not realize that they may be struggling with illness-related trauma. You can visit the official website to get more information about trauma therapy in Nanaimo.

Because the majority of medical professionals are not well versed in the complex symptoms of PTSD and images, individuals who suffer from this disease are often misdiagnosed. It is not uncommon for people to develop physical complaints such as the body begins to express prolonged physical stress and psychological pain.

When medical treatment does not produce substantial assistance, people retreat into shame and guilt over his failure to get better. They become despondent and withdrawn. As a way to manage the pain, trauma 25-45% of individuals use a variety of drugs/alcohol to manage their distress.

Counseling and Trauma Therapy Terms of Services

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Just remember that you can not diagnose yourself. This requires professionals with experience and expertise in post-trauma counseling to make an accurate differential diagnosis. 


  • Trauma relationship: Abusive spouse/partner, death of a child, death of spouse, Miscarriage, Narcissistic partners
  • Medical: Wake up during surgery, serious injury, loss of limbs, deformed, the suicide of a family member, a child with a life-threatening illness
  • War / Conflict: Fighter, Prisoner of War, Paramedic, Terrorism
  • Other: Exposure to trauma, accident, Nature / man-made disasters the past