The Fear of Flying – Is There a Cure?

A fear of flying is very common among the world's population is now recognized around 35% of people suffer from them in some form. So why are they something that you rarely hear or see self-help products for? Apparently because of fear of flying is a 'disease of the mind' and people just are not comfortable talking about it.

So how do you overcome your fear of flying? Well. If you are one aerophobic which has several other phobias in the ground you'll need to work on this first. Go and talk to your doctor and ask him to send you to a psychiatrist – these people are highly trained and can actually help you solve your problem. Expensive as medical treatment can be, it is worth it if you can conquer your fear and stop letting your ‘fear of flying’ (which is also called ‘flugangst’ in the German language) rules your life.

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Another patient of aerophobia really phobic fly free bars them one exception. It is the lack of knowledge about the plane, how to keep up, or the fear came that the plane would fall and kill all those who fear the main motivator here. This can be easily solved by gaining more knowledge on the plane in general, security measures in place and read the statistics on air accidents.

The cheapest option for people in groups, multi or single-phobia, is to learn as much as you can in the aviation industry. When you see the attention to detail from the ground staff, rigorous training and the pilot went through the actual statistics on aviation safety you are very likely to overcome your fear of flying.