The Process of Steel Welding

Welding is a process in which two permanent joint steel metal pieces to each other by applying heat to the surface of them while keeping them in touch with each other. 

When heat is applied to the surface of the joint, the metal in the melt together and includes other components when the weather is cold. 
Welded pieces are often used in home construction and machinery.

One should wear safety equipment when handling a blowtorch as a high-temperature flame disappears when touched can damage parts of the body in a matter of seconds. Click on their website for more information about Stainless steel welding .

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Safety first

Before you start with your welding project, you must adhere to complete the necessary safety procedures. You must wear a full-length shirt and pants with virtually no skin exposed. Also, wear full protective goggles, gloves and ear protection.

Welding processes

To begin with the welding process, first clean the metal surface well, so that no dust particles that exist when you weld two surfaces. 

The presence of dust particles will cause the joints to become brittle and can break easily. It is advised that you should brush two surfaces well and then wipe with a damp cloth.

Now heat two metal surfaces slightly before bringing them together to weld them. It is often necessary when thick metal pieces. Now bring the two pieces together and run a welding torch near the joints. Slowly remove the blowtorch and implement the post-heat. Rapid cooling for stainless steel may cause loss of strength and joints can be broken easily.

Now, once cooled, removing slag from steel welded with the help of a brush. If thick then you can also use a chipping hammer to breakthrough.

Steel welding very like common carbon steel welding process. Only one needs to take care of the preheating and post-heat process. Also, you should be careful to select the right filler for the weld metal.