Things to avoid bringing to Hostel


There’s no doubt that hostel packing is a little different compared to normal packing. However, it isn’t difficult at all since all you need to do is be smart and pack. If you pack correctly then you are bound to have a good time or else the journey will end in a disaster. These are some of the things or items you should never bring along with you.

  1. An Alarm Clock – This is one of those items you should never bring along with you to a hostel. If you’re someone who often wakes up due to the sound of the alarm, then consider a different option. For instance; use the alarm function of your smartphone and also keep the volume down so you don’t disturb other people who may still be sleeping.
  2. A Calendar –This is one of those items that sound incredibly stupid yet amateur travelers still bring one along with them. Try not to which is the best way to stay in a hostel.
  3. Expensive items – Try to avoid bringing your expensive items such as laptops, jewelry, camera lens etc. Although the hostel will provide you a locker however, there are times where it’s just impossible to get one during the peak season. So, try to avoid bringing them to the hostel.
  4. Attitude – Even if you are an introvert and prefer to stay inside your hostel room, it is considered fine. However, one cannot get away from being approached by travelers who wish to talk to you. Smile and at least say back with a soft tone.

Try to avoid bringing these items while staying in hostels of Indonesia.