Luckily for us though, the decision about which implant should be used is made by the dentist, in conjunction with discussions with the patient. This may prove mindboggling or distasteful for some people.

But, an educated patient is going to feel more familiar with what's happening to your teeth. Therefore by finding out more about every kind of augmentation, the process might not be so traumatic for the individual.

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Types of Dental Implants

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A Root Form dental implant is the most frequent kind of implant used. It's essentially a screw-shaped just like a tooth root. This kind of implant is used whenever your jawbone has sufficient width and thickness to support the augmentation.

If your jawbone doesn't have these prerequisites, a bone graft may be required to supply a place on your jawbone to your screw type root to fuse with. The implant expert will produce a cut on your gum, expose your jawbone and drill one hole each required implant.

The implant is then inserted along with your gum is stitched together. Approximately three to six weeks after, the chewing gum is cut open to expose the implant and an abutment is attached to it. The tooth is then going to be connected to the abutment.

A Subperiosteally dental implant is utilized while the jawbone doesn't have sufficient length or width, nor can it be considered appropriate for a bone graft. It's a kind of alloy plate or framework that's inserted beneath the gum near the jawbone.