What to Do When Involved In a Hit and Run Car Accident

Being involved in an accident is traumatic, regardless of the severity. One of the most common accidents witnessed today is hit and run.

They are caused by a negligent driver, who accidentally bumps into a car or pedestrians, and then runs away. By leaving the accident site and not providing assistance to the victims, they have broken the law. You can also refer to online sources if you are looking for experienced hit and run defense attorney in San Diego.

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Then what should you do if you are a victim of a hit and run accident?

1. Check that you are okay

The first thing you have to do is check yourself for an injury. Seek medical attention immediately if you experience a head injury.

2. Contact Authorities

Immediately notify the authorities (and the police). Explain the accident briefly and clearly to the police. Give details of the accident when they arrived. Don't chase the driver even if you don't get hurt.

3. Collect Evidence

People will assume that the act of escaping by an irresponsible driver is a guilty plea, but that is not always the case. If there are witnesses who see what happened, write down their names and contact details (if you need them to testify about what they witnessed)

4. Contact your insurance company or lawyer

It is recommended to contact your insurance company immediately if the accident is not too serious. This reduces the waiting time for compensation and you will be able to place an accident behind you.