Why Unmarried Couples Need To Meet With A Wills And Estates Lawyer

Today, many couples want to postpone engagement and marriage until they are old, or delay everything collectively and instead live together in a de facto relationship. Many couples tend to do this to avoid the high divorce rates bestowed upon by their parents' generation, but unfortunately, the law gets very complicated in terms of separation and death in this situation.

Although the most effective way to get the legal benefits of marriage is through marriage, this is not an option for some couples. In this situation, it is best for the couple to meet with a will and estate attorney to understand the will and estate law via https //www.dangelolegal.law/services/wills-estates/ who will help them structure their estate in a way that benefits both partners in a manner similar to anyone actually married.

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This attorney will discuss with you some of the legal disadvantages of living in a factual relationship, including:

• When a couple of divorces, each party (usually) is entitled to 50% of all assets acquired during the marriage. However, if the de facto spouse separates, the court will transfer 100% ownership to the party whose name is stated in the title.

• If the de facto relationship is structured in such a way that one party is the breadwinner (often the husband) and the other is the housewife (often the wife), the court will often give all of the assets to the breadwinner who finances the household.

• If one party is eliminated from the actual relationship, anything not specifically provided for in their will is left to their relative and not to their partner in the actual relationship. This often results in the eviction of the deceased spouse's family.

By meeting with wills and real estate attorneys, spouses in de facto relationships can avoid many of the problems described above.