Why Your Dirty Transmission Needs To Be Flushed

Is your car or truck making strange noises, shifting gears, or making unexpected jumps? If this sounds familiar to you, it might be time to clean and wash your automatic transmission to restore performance and protect it from expensive repairs. A transmission repair can be one of the most expensive you will ever come across, especially if the entire transmission needs replacing. Why not give your car's transmission the best chance for longevity by properly caring for it and automatically flushing the transmission at the recommended service intervals?

Clean transmission with clean fluids is a fun thing. The transmission oil cooler is the lifeblood of the system bypassing all major parts of the automatic transmission, including the transmission pump, torque converter, ATF cooler, and chill lines. Like many systems, automatic transmissions generate tremendous amounts of heat which cause the fluid to break down over time. There are also the added issues of dirt, spatulas, and paint, all of which can add to crowd issues and overall poor performance. 

Does My Transmission Fluid Need to Be Flushed? - Sun Auto Service

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Too much dirt can block the free flow of fluids, which can definitely cause problems. It is important that the transmission can withstand sufficient pressure to continue running. Fluid flow blocking a dirty gearbox can cause a loss of hydraulic pressure, which can cause the gear to slip. Problems like this can be resolved by completely washing the service handover.

Rinsing the transfer is not a long process and it will not damage your paperback. If you follow these preventive maintenance procedures regularly, you stand the best chance of avoiding costly transmission damage. A good full-service transmission wash includes not only changing the transmission fluid, but also cleaning and air conditioning solutions.