Yoga Towel – An Essential Yoga Mat Companion

Yoga towels are becoming increasingly popular in the Yoga community, providing a surface that is absorbent, safe, non-skid and many other benefits at an affordable price.

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Before investing in this product, introduce yourself with this brief guide.

What is A Yoga Towel?

A Yoga Towel is a piece of synthetic material that is very strong absorbing and is very similar to those used in sports towels. The main purpose of this specially developed and rather expensive material is to absorb a lot of moisture while letting air pass.

An anti-skid coating layer is added to one side of the towel to make it stick to the yoga mat. The small silicone nub from this layer is firmly attached to the surface of the mat. Most towels follow this design with several variations.

How it fights bacteria

Yoga towels create a hygienic layer between the surface of the mat and the practitioner by trapping mat bacteria on the fabric. Some towels have antimicrobial fibers, ensuring freshness for a longer period of time.

How it helps stability

The small nub on one side of the towel handle safely on the yoga mat while the other side stays dry and attaches to the practitioner's limbs, creating stability that is only limited by the strength of the fabric.