Buyer Agency – Understanding What it Means & How it Affects You?

Search for your dream home often starts in front of your computer. excitement builds as you scroll through all the potential properties that match your criteria. You check off the most interesting and then what? You want to see the house, but how you got there? Many consumers simply call the agent who listed the house. Stop, do not do it!

You are entitled to representation of buyers agency. That is, you can hire an agent to work exclusively on your behalf to secure the house. And the best part, their costs are generally paid by the dealer! Yes, very exciting news indeed, but there are steps you should take to make sure all was in order that the right to secure this representation.

We always suggest that even when you start looking online for home relaxed, you take the time to interview several agents. Choosing to work with a buyer's agent is an important first step and like anything, the more time you put in a better decision result. Have a list of useful questions to ask your agent decide to interview.

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  • How well do you know the area of interest to me?
  • Is this your full-time profession?
  • How do you normally handle the process? Whether you are involved directly or there are other members of your team?
  • What type of contract that we sign up?

This last question is an important one to ask. Many, many agents will ask their buyer clients to sign an exclusive buyer's agent. This means that at the time of signing the contract (and read the fine print) you are bound to work with the agent until a specified period expires or the transaction occurs. If you decide to work with another agent while still under exclusive contract this agency, you may have to pay out of your own pocket for violating the terms of the contract.