Top 5 online video converter for 2020

Browsing the web every day, you can run into some interesting videos that you may want to download instantly for later viewing. Notwithstanding, finding the best online video converters that not just fill their pages with advertisements and easy to convert your video as fast as possible is pretty hard to find. I have taken my time to search extensively online for some of the most reliable online video converters that offer their services for free.

5 top online video converters 2020

Be that as it may, these online converter sites are best for infrequent use and are not appropriate for very large file downloads. For such necessities, it is prescribed to download and install video converting software on your computer. Here I have listed the 5 useful websites that allow users to download online videos for free. These are in my opinion, by the way, I understand there could be more useful ones out there with just a simple search query.


The good thing about this is that it does not require the installation of any software on your computer to be able to convert videos. The site allows download from many sources like YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram. One thing is that you can only convert videos to mp4 formats. Though the quality of the video may vary you can download some good HD videos with this tool.


Just like file conversion, you don’t need to install any software on your computer to convert or download videos as well. All you need to do is to copy the video URL and paste it in the search field. One thing that you need to take note of is that only lets you convert YouTube videos to mp4. The site has a clean interface and conversion is fast.


As the name implies, this conversion site allows the download of videos from all the major video platforms such as Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, Dailymotion, and others. On the page, there is a section where you can download Facebook and YouTube videos, and another section where you can download the other videos from other platforms. The page is also clean and there is absolutely no advert on this site.

4. has a really clean interface, dark theme for that matter. Just like all the previously listed sites, this also enables the download of videos from various social media platforms. Compared to the previous ones, this site has other pages in different languages.


For the record, only supports the downloading of videos from Facebook. All other social media platforms are not supported. Videos are converted to MP4 formats only. Since Facebook videos can be short in length, you can expect to get poor quality videos when you try to download them.


In my search, I notice that MP4 videos were the main target of these websites. I tried to find one that supported any other video formats like AVI but unfortunately, I could not find any. You can leave a comment if you have come across any other site that supports other formats apart from MP4.

The Great Everlast Punching Bags

If you are a boxer, then you do not need only speed, but accuracy in your workout routine. The Everlast punching bags you should look at this aspect are called speed bags. With good speed bag you can accurately gain speed and become the best boxer you could ever imagine.

Like most professional gyms have these available to practice on, there might be a time when you want to get that extra bit of practice, and would like a speed bag in your own gym at home.

These 'punching bag' (which is also called 'sac de boxe' in French) connect to a platform that puts the bag about where the head of your opponent would be, and allows you to develop skills in reflexes faster and schedule for important shots.

With the ability to rotate and bounce with each stroke you make, the speed bag is the perfect addition to your home gym. This bag will give you the skills all around, when used with the rest of your training systems, to step into the ring and give your opponent a run for its money.

It may be a little intimidating when you use this type of bag for the first time. But if you persevere, you will be able to keep a rhythm going rate for a very long time for your muscles to become familiar with the repetitive movement.

Not only it does help you quickly and accurately, but you will also gain a lot of hand-eye coordination as well. The amount of training you can get from such a simple equipment such as the speed bag is limited to the amount of time you put into use. With enough time and practice, you can easily quickly become pro.

How to Choose the Best Smartphone For You

The smartphone market is full of devices that try to outsmart each other via the attributes they supply.  Most apparatus manufacturers launch a brand new version of the flagship product each year, making it hard to pick the most out of the several choices. 

But as these smartphones are rather pricey, it's wise to conduct an entire research before settling back on a specific device. You can even buy online cell phones via

Below are a few of the parameters that ought to be regarded as the deciding factors while purchasing a smartphone:

A. Screen: The dimensions of the smartphone display isn't the sole criteria to be considered here. Even though a display size of 5 inch will provide you a massive screen, the drawback of this is that it would be tough to hold and run the device in 1 hand.  

On the other hand, another aspect to be considered here is that the screen resolution and the technologies used.  The top devices utilize the most recent Super LED or even IPS screen technology, while giving a complete high profile (HD) screen.

B. Processor and RAM: The rate of the chip determines how competent the cellular device is in managing many jobs at one time.  The most recent phones have double or quad core chips, which assist apparatus the running jobs in various processing units known as cores.  On the other hand, the system has to be optimized to have the ability to use all of the processor cores simultaneously. 

In the same way, the RAM decides the volatile memory the processor can use.  Thus, a high-speed chip would require an equally competent RAM so as to support multitasking.

Factors Affecting A Fast VPN

VPN refers to a set of connections that are used by businesses or other public telecommunications infrastructure so as to make a link with the remote site. Therefore, the virtual connections routed all the way through the Internet by the source of a private network to employees.

The enlisted are some of the factors that have an effect on VPN speed. Have a look at them.


Image Source: Google

  • The routine of VPN relies on factors such as the state, the use of services, server connection, operating system, and router of VPN, your online performance, and many more.
  • VPN present mostly two protocols one is OpenVPN and another is Point to Point Tunneling Protocol. PPTP is very simple and straightforward to construct. Organizations are able to set the PPTP without having any requirement of the software.
  • Conversely, OpenVPN has the need for additional software for installation along with the benefit of advanced security.
  • A VPN connection has the requirement of the key to encrypt and decrypt information. Although the VPN service provider declares that the fluctuations in speed are due to the position of the server that is overlooked.
  • If you are also looking for a VPN that gives you fast then be sure that you pick the nearest server from your place. Also, ensure that the service provider permits you to toggle among the free servers.
  • Many of the times a browser-based VPN connection works only on one browser. However, if speed is the main concern for you, check your browser that whether it is supported by the VPN or not.

Different Types Of Network Topologies

Network topology is the illustration of a network set-up that consists of a number of nodes such as sender and recipient nodes and the different lines connecting to these nodes.

In every computing device, the network topologies are required to transmit the message from source to destination and many companies like provide so many facilities for the network set-up. And the enlisted are common topologies mention that are used in every communication network.

Network Topologies

Image Source: Google

Bus Topology:

Bus topology is the type of topology in which each node is associated with a main single cable line and the transmission of data is done via distinct directions from one end to the other end and is suitable for tiny networks.

Ring Topology:

It is a type of topology in which every computer is coupled to one another from both sides and formed a shape of a ring with the arrangement of the last computer is being linked to the previous one.

Star Topology:

This is a kind of network topology in which all the nodes are coupled to only one node through wire known as a hub that is also considered as the middle node.

Mesh Topology:

In a mesh topology, each and every node is associated with each other by the means of network channel and it is known as a point-to-point association.

Caution Needed When Purchasing Mining Equipment Parts

Finding a good supplier of heavy equipment is vital to the success of your business. All equipment, such as backhoe loaders and excavators produced effectively in all kinds of terrain and for a wide range of applications, from tunneling into the earth moves. Subjecting the equipment for these kinds of conditions inevitably lead to damage and the need for rapid replacement of mining equipment parts occurs.

Going online to companies like Komatsu part to find a parts supplier of mining equipment is a good way to find the necessary ingredients and you can often save considerable money online. Time is also saved as a heavy equipment dealer are uncommon and can take hours to visit each one, often at opposite ends of town.

Before you feel the need to order parts mining equipment, be sure to find several online catalogs, register for access to newsletters and sales information. Then if any emergency does occur you are ready to order and receive parts delivery. Many have online loan applications that can be filled from that time forward.

Find suppliers of mining equipment spare parts that promise same-day delivery. flexible payment schedule that helps too. Often companies online is information central depot for everything as well as distribution centers located throughout the country.

Maintenance of equipment and careful handling will help to eliminate damage. Many of these problems can be avoided. high flood risk in mining and earth quake with damage to conveyor belt to the rear. Make sure all your staff members are trained in all operations and know how to operate the equipment properly.

An Essential Guideline For IT Support Services

Businesses that work with IT support services have recorded a lot of efficiency in their delivery. Hiring a credible support company can boost your business to its full potential. It provides efficiency to the staff and the clients as well. So, how do you find the best company for your business? This article provides points for selecting IT support services in Kokomo IN.

Know your IT infrastructure. The technological structure of any business or company depends on its level of service delivery. An advanced company usually have three tiers in its infrastructure that deal with different applications. In most cases, it includes networking, programming, and communication. On the other hand, small businesses have one or two tiers which do not include a lot of applications.

Confirm whether to rely on an independent or shared service provider. An independent service provider focuses on one client, while the shared providers deal with numerous clients. It is always advisable to have an independent company to assure the best support. However, this option can bring a heavy financial burden to a starter company. Therefore, such firms should look for a shared maintenance company.

Learn how they offer remote services. IT support service providers do not necessarily have to be within the premises of their client. They can provide their services from a distant place as long as they have a reliable infrastructure. There are a couple of things that one should check to ensure that the remote services are reliable. For instance, you expect them to have a proactive means to monitor and respond to issues with the network. They should also schedule their maintenance and security updates.

Ensure that they are compliant with the right policies. Any technology used in a company should comply with various regulations. This means that the company in charge of their maintenance must meet a particular accreditation. Check whether the company about to choose has a valid certification from renowned authorities related to their practice. This will guarantee compliance with all the regulations about your IT infrastructure.

Check their level of security. When it comes to security in IT, the best measures that a maintenance company should consider is the use of Anti-virus and Anti-Malware. Therefore, you expect them to scan your networks and systems regularly to check for any possibility of a breach. They should also keep your system updated with new developments.

Beware of their service contract. There are specific aspects that define a remarkable contract. Check whether it provides one month notice within the first three months rolling notice. Also, ask whether they offer a transparent service agreement which one should evaluate before committing to their service. The contract should also provide clear guidelines for possible cancellation of the partnership.

Ask the company to explain its guarantees and uptimes. Anytime there is a downtime in your business; there are risks of incurring losses and losing its reputation. Therefore, you need to confirm whether your preferred company offers any uptime or guarantee. It should try its best to maintain your system up close to a hundred percent. Any terms associated with uptimes or guarantees should be in writing.

Essential Ideas On Why Business Telephone Systems Are Vital For Your Business

Communication holds a very important part in your business. If the systems are failing you, you can be certain that for the longest time you will be struggling to make ends meet in that office. Well, the reverse is true. If you establish strong systems to cater for communication, you will be shocked at how much time you will have to focus on other aspects of your work. This is why most entrepreneurs are upgrading to business telephone systems in Vancouver Island.

If you are still clinging to an old system, you probably need to learn some of the new things that such a system offers. For one, most people with an older system must maintain separate data and voice networks. This means that it is more expensive since you will need to pay for the costs on both. The new system is however better in terms of cost saving as the upfront investment is minimal.

If you want to enhance customer service, then this new system is what you need. It allows you to even make conference calls. Imagine traveling on a business trip yet you can still gather together, make a conference call and catch up on how things are going. Call routing and call presence are also some of the better features that you will find in such a system.

What you probably did not know about them is that you can also forward message or calls to a mobile device. The good thing with this mobility is that it allows the users to return calls even when they are away from their office. You do not have to access your desk phone to make a call. This makes it easier and even saves time.

Obsolete technology is also something that fails many business owners. If the system fails, the process of repair definitely becomes very slow and in addition costs you a lot of money. You end up investing in repairs other than focusing on growing your businesses. In fact, the worrying thing is that every minute lost translates to money lost. This definitely makes it a brilliant idea to invest in a VOIP system.

In terms of growing your businesses, this system works quite well. Of course the goal of any entrepreneur is to expand more each day. Luckily, this works quite well when you have such firms in place. You can add users, devices, offices and even numbers without going into so much trouble in terms of cost.

However, always understand that anyone can claim to sell a VOIP system. It is upon you to identify a genuine dealer. Look for the features that they have. At the same time, seek referrals as they are always a genuine way of landing with the very best dealers.

It is unfortunate that many commercial investors still are using the same phone system the business started with ten or more years ago. The truth is that you are missing a lot. The secret to growing your businesses probably lies in that decision. You can be certain that it will accelerate your performance in so many ways. Go ahead and have that system installed.

Secure Yourself and Your Home With Do It Yourself Home Alarm Systems

With a 'do it yourself home alarm system' one can have security, protection, and peace of mind by no longer lying down at night listening to every sound or wondering if the house is safe when everyone goes to work.

The latest technological advancements in doing it yourself home alarms allow you to choose to be as simple as a few alarms on your door and window or as complicated as having a security camera in every room in your home as well as the exterior. The best news is that you can save money by installing your own home alarm system.

The initial investment to buy the system you want is all that is needed monetarily when setting up a home alarm system that you do yourself. There are no monthly contracts or other ongoing costs. You decide which system is best for you and your family and you choose a system in which you will invest your time and money. You can avail the best home alarm systems via

Image result for home alarm systems

Two benefits of having an alarm in your home are that most homeowners or tenants of the insurance policy include discounts for them and you can bring a home alarm system with you when you move.

There are several ways home alarms work. Loud sounds are usually the first step in protecting your home from intruders. The last thing a thief wants is to draw attention to him. Two sounds used in home alarms are ear-piercing sirens or barking dog sounds.