Can I File A Johnson & Johnson Talcum Powder / Baby Powder Lawsuit?

Since 1971, more than 20 studies have linked powder for ovarian cancer. It has been alleged that Johnson & Johnson, the popular maker of talc-based powders, including shower-to-shower products and Baby Powder, know about the risk of ovarian cancer at least since 1982, but failed to warn women of the dangers.

If you or a loved one used powder-based products and later developed ovarian cancer, then you may have grounds for a lawsuit powder. Lawyers review claims on behalf of women who develop ovarian cancer when using talcum powder or baby powder near their genitals.

You can file the baby powder cancer lawsuit via In order to qualify for a lawsuit powder, you must meet the following criteria:

Had to use Shower-to-Shower powder or Johnson & Johnson Baby Powder for 4+ years continuously in the common area

Must be diagnosed with endometroid ovarian cancer or ovarian cancer

Must have been diagnosed from 2009 or later

Must have used talcum powder before menopause

The powder is mineral clay as it occurs naturally. The basic composition is mainly silicon, magnesium, and oxygen. When ground into a fine powder, the powder absorbs moisture.

This powder is a common ingredient in a variety of consumer products, including cosmetics such as baby powder.

Research has linked regular use of products containing such talc powder, baby powder and body powder in the genital area to the development of ovarian cancer in women.